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Online resources


Through years of retrieving sources from archives, I have gathered loads of information on different topics relating to music history. I have already presented much of it elsewhere; however, transcriptions of numerous old documents are still kept on my pc, where they do no good – other than fill up my hard drive.


On this site, I intend to present some of the interesting sources that I have discovered over the years. I hope that my transcriptions will be fruitful to other researchers. Please leave me a note, if you find my transcriptions useful.


Italian musicians in Denmark in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries


Below I have gathered transcriptions of sources which tell us about the activities of certain Italians musicians and their relations with Denmark.


Giovanni Gabrieli


Orazio Vecchi


Alessandro Orologio


Antonio Taroni


Paulus Paganinus


Vincensius Bertholusius


Jacobus Merlis


Marcus Materanus


Giovanni Baptista Veraldi


Gregorio Chelli da Verona


Agostino Fontana


Benedetto Bonaglia


Agostino Pisone


Giacomo Grandi


Bandino Bandini


Joseph Amadei



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