Italian music in the North

Italian music significantly dominated everyday musical life at the Danish court during the seventeenth century. In this article I argue that the presence of Italian musicians and their music at the Copenhagen court for instance during the reign of Christian IV resulted in cultural transformation on more levels. This web site presents writings on this topic and offers a selection of sources dealing with the whereabouts of Italian musician serving Danish kings during the seventeenth century.

Agents of music

Like many of his contemporaries, Heinrich Schütz was much more than a composer writing music. He was a music organizer, a musical director, and a consultant in musical affairs. This was the case too during his employment at the Copenhagen Court. His engagement as 'cultural agent' at the Danish Courts are described here.

The music of life

A great amount of occasional music has survived from the seventeenth century, contributing to our understanding of how music accompanied important events in life. A critical edition of two wedding motets describes how the Rostock composer Georg Patermann exploited his compositional talents to participate in the celebration of distinguished citizens in the Hanse city.